Inanna Rose/Ithaca Underground

Inanna Rose/Ithaca Underground

Drawing on experiences performing both improvised and composed works, Meridian approaches percussion in a way that places the exploration of sound in the foreground, in favor of a musical approach that is concerned with exploring acoustic phenomena, rather than rhythm, gesture, or technique.

In creating this music, Meridian reimagines its materials, so that an instrument like a snare drum becomes literally a cylindrical shell with an attached flexible membrane. When viewed from this perspective, traditional instruments become unique sound-making and sound-filtering objects, to be set into vibration coupled with resonant metals, dragged with scraping implements, or driven directly by fingers, bows, or feedback circuitry. In performance, each musician invents a new method for producing sound, a new aggregate instrument, in real-time.

Meridian is Tim Feeney, Sarah Hennies, and Greg Stuart.

Peter Gough

Peter Gough


Tuyeres, Caduc Records CA09, 2015. Reviews by Fluid Radio and Brian Olewnick.

Hoquet, Accidie Records a/r11, 2013. Review by Pedro Chambel/

Languor YieldsA.F. Jones, Rhizome.s 14, 2016. Meridian contributed sound for "Apparatchiks."

Reviews by Frans de Waard/Vital Weekly and Massimo Ricci/Touching Extremes.

 Selected Performances

Non-Event, Boston, MA, October 2018

Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA, October 2018

Qubit, New York, NY, October 2018

Intersection Festival, Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto, ON, September 2017 

Ithaca Underground, Ithaca, NY, September 2017

Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL, February 2016

Spectrum, New York, NY, May 2014

Wesleyan University, May 2014

Quakebasket Records relaunch, Dreamland Film Center, Louisville, KY, October 2013

Oberlin College, October 2013

Georgia State University, February 2013

Tulane University, February 2013

Spacetaker, Houston, TX, November 2012

Salvage Vanguard/Church of the Friendly Ghost, Austin, TX, November 2012

University of South Carolina percussion festival, September 2012

Redux/New Music Collective, Charleston, SC, September 2012

Conundrum, Columbia, SC, September 2012

Kevin Ernste

Kevin Ernste