Kevin Ernste

Kevin Ernste


BurrowMarginal Frequency MFCS K, 2018.

Four improvised poundings, a drum, a pair of sticks, a metal plate, a pair of dowels, a heavy cymbal, a large room, and a small squirrel.

Reviews from Brian Olewnick at Just Outside, Massimo Ricci at Touching Extremes, and Peter Margasak for Best of Bandcamp Contemporary Classical: August 2018.

CarolineWeighter Recordings WR02, 2014. 

A drum, with hands. For Lou Cohen

Reviews from Fluid Radio, Brian Olewnick, and Vital Weekly. Richard Pinnell and Patrick Farmer also give the record a close read in a longer discussion in Sonic Field.

WeaknessFull Spectrum Records FS025, 2013.

Digital download with accompanying booklet, featuring essays by Feeney and Andrew Weathers, who writes:

Weakness is a piece about failure and anxiety. Tim Feeney channels the pressure of the classical music world into an expansive work of stripped-back solo percussion; a single snare drum in a reverberant stairway. Weakness gives us alternating zones of sound and silence, touching on techniques related to the work of Alvin Lucier, the Wandelweiser group, and Full Spectrum's own Sarah Hennies. 

"The obvious description of the piece involves talking about the beauty of simple acoustic phenomena, releasing the voices that live inside our instruments, listening to what is and refraining from judgment of what it might be in relation to something else," Feeney states. 

Work of this nature is delicate, but Feeney transcends the trope demonstration of a phenomena into something more telling of the composer's character. There's something personal between those strokes.

Reviews from Tiny Mix Tapes, who liked the format, and Vital Weekly, who didn't.

Recent Performances

ArtShare, Los Angeles, CA, November 2018

Wayne-o-Rama/Shaking Ray Levi Society, Chattanooga, TN, January 2017

Anxious Sound, New Orleans, LA, January 2017

Dreamland, Louisville, KY, March 2016

Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL, April 2015

Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA, March 2015

Open Ears series, Blue Nile, New Orleans, LA, December 2014

Louisville Experimental Festival, June 2014

Green Fish series, Dartmouth College, February 2014

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Lindsay Metivier