Tasting Menu is a new Los Angeles-based collaboration between Feeney, Cassia Streb, and Cody Putman, exploring instrumental and found sound, movement, tape recorders, door frames, window panes, rainstorms, pine cones, concrete floors, and children’s cartoons.

Recent work includes a recording project for dragged objects, and LA performances at Coaxial and the underwolf summer festival.

Tim Feeney has performed as an improviser with musicians including the trio Meridian, with percussionists Sarah Hennies and Greg Stuart, pianist Annie Lewandowski, cellist and electronic musician Vic Rawlings, saxophonist Andrew Raffo Dewar, banjo and electronic musician Holland Hopson, video artist Jane Cassidy, and many others. He has toured throughout the United States, including notable performances at Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art, New York's The Stone, the Hong Kong International Festival, and the Big Ears Festival. He has recorded for Marginal Frequency, Weighter, Caduc, Accidie, Full Spectrum, Sedimental, homophoni, Cantaloupe, and Brassland/Talitres.

Cassia Streb is a Los Angeles-based violist, improviser and composer. She is active in the field of contemporary and experimental music and performs regularly as a soloist and a chamber musician.  As a composer she uses electronics and acoustic instruments to create pieces for site-specific performances. More recently, she has been collaborating with poets and writers to create a larger works for reader, orchestra and meditators. 

As a performer, she is a founding member of the Southland Ensemble, a contemporary chamber ensemble dedicated to the interpretation and performance of experimental music, as well as the Koan Quartet, a string quartet performing works by living composers. Cassia is a board member of the Dog Star Orchestra

Cody Putman is an LA-based performer, composer, organizer, and radio host working primarily in experimental music and sound. In addition to improvising and performing on the bassoon, he composes sound and chamber works accessible to musicians and non-musicians alike. Cody also programs the wulf.'s annual season, organizes adventurous and forward-thinking programming at DIY/gallery spaces around Los Angeles, and hosts a monthly experimental radio show on Archipel Community Radio in Berlin.