Andrew Raffo Dewar

Andrew Raffo Dewar

A new collaboration including Tuscaloosa colleagues Holland Hopson, Andrew Raffo Dewar, and the legendary composer and saxophonist Anthony Braxton grew from his spring 2015 residency at the University of Alabama. In early August 2015 the quartet recorded four hours of new music, combining improvisation, fragments of music from older compositions, and a new system of performance logic and graphic notation unique in Braxton's output. The resulting music, Compositions 398-401, will be released in a set by the Tri-Centric Foundation, QUARTET (ZIM) 2015.

Feeney also joined Braxton's 10+1tet for the 2016 Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee, for a performance praised by the Guardian, the New York Times, the New Yorker, and Rolling Stone.  The Tri-Centric Foundation released a recording of this performance on its Bootleg Series in December 2016.

Feeney and Dominic Lash recorded James Saunders's overlay (1) / overlay (2), for several layers of contrabass and bass drum sound. The Rhizome.s label released the piece as part of Lash's Performance in January 2016.

Frans de Waard gives it some encouragement in Vital Weekly, and there is a wonderful review (in French) via Improv Sphere.

Feeney performs on the Cantaloupe CD/DVD release of John Luther Adams's Inuksuitacclaimed as a Best-of-2013 choice by the New York TimesBoston Globe, and nprThe session brought 32 percussionists to the forest surrounding Guilford Sound in Guilford, VT, in a project curated by Doug Perkins.